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If you’re a tech fan, then chances are you’ve heard of the amazing products developed by Samsung and SmartThings. These two technology giants have become synonymous with innovation and high-quality customer service – but did you know that there is even more to their relationship? Recent reports reveal that in just three short days, Samsung and SmartThings have created an even stronger bond – one that is sure to bring customers all sorts of new features and possibilities for enhancing their home or business lives.

The story of course starts with the announcement at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show where it was revealed that Samsung was taking over control of SmartThings as part of its ever-evolving “Smart Home initiatives”. After the company purchased the Internet-of-things (IOT) platform from startup founders Alex Hawkinson, Jeff Hagins and Christian Ungermann for $200 million back in 2014, they set about revamping it into something grandiose. What came out months later was a powerful piece of hardware capable of connecting compatible devices across different platforms like Amazon Echo or Google Home to form one seamless network – allowing users access anywhere given an internet connection.

Since then, both companies have been busy trying to make this dream come alive by establishing closer ties between them than ever before. This included resigning former CEO Alex Hawkinson as head honcho at SmartThings once again whilst also merging cloud infrastructure provided by each other respectively. In fact, during CES 2018 Corporate Vice President John Martinich noted: “By bringing together our core strengths —Samsung’s global scale hardware manufacturing capabilities combined with our open software platform— we will be able to rapidly accelerate delivery on connected living innovations for all consumers around the world.” And now after only 3 days worth work – bam! Everything looks ready roll out soon according customers who’ve already had hands tied on devices running these integrations prior official launch date!

So what does this mean exactly? Well firstly let us consider how much extra convenience users gain simply via increased compatibility options between appliances like smart TV sets/lights/cameras etcetera which could potentially save time if ever need switch product quickly such due sudden technical flaw within previous item owned especially when most popular brands difficult get hold nowadays owing COVID pandemic still ongoing strong effects throughout globe right now Secondly no doubt providing greater security means thanks embedded interconnected sensors through entire IoT clusters Keep eye coming announcements regarding venture sure plenty exciting news yet come next few weeks!

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