The actor said he decided to have the soccer coach in the Apple TV+ series portrayed as good-natured because he “didn’t want to add to this.”

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Jason Sudeikis Says He Changed Ted Lasso’s Personality Due to Donald Trump’s Behavior | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

It’s no secret that times are tough right now. We’re living in a period of political turmoil and the world seems to be changing on a daily basis. But there is one beacon of hope that has emerged from all this chaos: Jason Sudeikis’ transformation into Ted Lasso!

Yes, it’s true: Former Saturday Night Live star and Hollywood A-lister Jason Sudeikis has completely transformed himself into an American football coach turned manager on Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. The series follows the titular character, who despite his lack of knowledge about English football (the sport known as soccer for us Americans) is hired by the owner of a team desperate for success in London’s Premier League.

But what makes this change so fascinating? Well, many believe that Mr. Sudeikis’ transition from raunchy comedian to lovable bumbling American abroad may just be the perfect response to our current era of division and hatred fueled by Donald Trump’s presidency.

By using his platform to showcase a warm and goodhearted version of America – complete with kindness, grace, enthusiasm, humility – he proves that even during these turbulent times we can still come together over common themes such as friendship and respect for others! In other words: Jason Sudeikis might just be showing us how we could use some “Ted Lasso wisdom” in our own lives too!

So don’t forget to bookmark this page – you never know when you need some inspiring guidance from Coach Ted Lasso!