‘The Little Mermaid’ actress, who inspired star and singer Halle Bailey to “speak up” for herself, also talks drag bans and why she doesn’t “have any patience” for racist backlash to the film.

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Melissa McCarthy Says Working In a “Hostile Set” Taught Her to Advocate for Herself | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

It started off as a regular day on the set of Melissa McCarthy’s latest movie. The director had everything planned out and things were running smoothly until Melissa showed up – suddenly, it was tense! Everyone could feel an air of hostility that seemed to be emanating from her direction. While some cast and crew members weren’t sure what to do, one brave soul stepped forward and asked her what was wrong. That’s when we all found out the truth: Melissa had been dealing with a lot of disrespect from the film’s producers who hadn’t taken her seriously as an actor or given her ideas any consideration.

At first, Melissa felt too intimidated to speak up about these issues but after thinking it through (and getting some help from friends) she decided she needed to stand up for herself so that no other actress would have to face similar situations in the future. So she started politely voicing her opinion during production meetings and pushing back on decisions where necessary – something which came as a shock for many of the more traditional minds working on set!

But despite facing initial resistance, Melissa stayed true to herself and gradually won over both cast and crew with smart ideas, infectious charisma, and natural talent. She quickly gained respect from everyone around her – proving you don’t need to be loud or aggressive in order to make your voice heard sometimes just believing in yourself is enough!

So if you find yourself in a similar position remember: take inspiration from Melissa McCarthy’s hostile set experience – always speak up for yourself because you are worth it!