The high-octane official look at Netflix’s action sequel puts Australian black ops mercenary Tyler Rake back in action upon personal request.

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Chris Hemsworth Is Back From the Dead in ‘Extraction 2’ Trailer | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

We all know Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, but this time he’s rising from the ashes! In the trailer for his upcoming movie Extraction 2, we follow Hemsworth as he pulls off a daring escape from jail and embarks on an action-packed mission. The stakes are high and things get heated as he takes on nefarious villains in order to save his family.

It’s been said that Chris is born again since escaping from prison, taking it upon himself to become our new guardian angel of justice! With guns blazing and biceps bulging, Hemsworth proves that even when times are tough – you can always keep fighting and find a way out of any situation. His heroic attempts have fans everywhere rooting for him to make it through this sequel unscathed.

There’s no doubt that we’re all excited about what Extraction 2 has in store for us – after seeing its intense trailer with dazzling stunts and incredible visuals. It looks like Chris isn’t afraid to take risks or throw punches at anyone who gets in his way! We can only imagine how epic it will be when the full movie comes out this summer… if you aren’t already hyped then it might be time for you to rise up too!

So don’t forget to bookmark this site so you can stay updated on everything related to Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth – because when it hits theaters soon, we guarantee that there’ll be nothing else quite like it!