CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Rachel Maddow and former President Barack Obama were also banned from Russia.

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Russia Bans Late Night Hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel From Entering the Country | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

It’s a sad day for fans of late night comedy. The Russian government has just passed a law that prohibits Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel from visiting the country. This news comes as somewhat of a surprise, given the two comedians’ comedic styles which often poke fun at Russia and its President Vladimir Putin.

The new ban is sure to cause drama in the realm of celebrity diplomacy with both Colbert and Kimmel now become unofficial ambassadors for America abroad. But don’t worry – we’re sure both men will still find ways to get their messages across in other creative ways!

In response to the news, Colbert issued an official statement saying “I have been told I can no longer visit Russia due to my comedy style; but I’m not too disappointed as this gives me more time to work on jokes about Putin!” Meanwhile, Kimmel took it like a champ by tweeting out: “Russia may not want me there anymore, but at least they’ll never know what my next joke was going to be!”

Clearly these two men are taking this new ban with stride – even if it means having less opportunities for outrageously hilarious segments while touring the world! We can only hope that someday soon Russia will realize how great these guys actually are and lift up this silly restriction.